Quick pizza brings me joy.

Are you as obsessed with pizza as I am?

There’s a good chance you are.

heart pizza.jpg

I think I crave pizza more then any other food. It does have some health benefits… right? I know this is supposed to be a blog section all about promoting healthy living. I am categorizing this as healthy because pizza is healthy for my mind. Okay? Don’t judge me. I’m so in love with pizza that when I hear someone say that they don’t like pizza I have a realllllly hard time connecting with them. I just think to myself, "how are we ever going to get along if we can’t eat pizza together.” I think Gary Chapman missed something when he wrote his book on the five love languages… There’s six Gary.. and you left out the most important one.

So, yeah I love pizza …

and I could eat it at least once a week. My husband isn’t a big pizza guy. He “likes” it but is satisfied with it maybe once a month… weirdo. So, we don’t order pizza a lot because marriage is alllll about compromising. A Joyful marriage includes not forcing your husband to eat pizza every night. Trust me, I’ve tried.

I am big into trying to make quick homemade pizza in unconventional ways. I find myself always thinking, “I bet I could make a pizza on that!” Take mini bagels, or english muffins for example. They have served as pizza sauce and cheese vessels many times in my home. I also like the traditional dough you can buy at your local grocery store. Have you ever tried to spin dough in the air like a pro? I dare you to try if you haven’t. It’s fun, and typically it provides laughs for everyone watching. Maybe next time I make a pizza with fresh dough I’ll document the attempt. Always here to bring you joy. ;)

So this new pizza recipe I am into is so simple and literally takes 5 minutes and is good for the whole family. I buy most of my groceries from Trader Joes, so you’ll see me post about the store and it’s prodcuts often. TJ’s! Can I be your spokesperson!? I LOVE YOU!


Here’s my less than 10 minute pizza recipe:


Rao’s marinara sauce (or whatever red sauce you have in your fridge)

*You guys, scouts honor, Rao’s is the best marinara sauce I’ve ever had.

Fresh Naan bread. (Trader Joes)

Shredded or Fresh mozzarella. (Trader Joes)

What? thought there would be more ingredients?? … I mean- aren’t they the only things you really need on a pizza?


To make:

  • Turn the oven on Broil, I use the low setting on my oven because it gets really hot. Put the naan directly on the pan and toast for 2 minutes. I like crisping the naan slightly just to give it more texture. You can skip this step if you want. Naan is thicker, so if you like thick, chewy, softer crusts, don’t toast it.

  • take the pan out, rub on sauce, as light or as heavy as you’d like. I like just enough sauce to coat the top- I don’t like it drippy.

  • Top with cheese. I slice the cheese in thin circle slices. You can also shred the cheese if you’d like. Add as much as you want. It’s your pizza. Live free. LOL

  • Put back in oven for 5 minutes or until cheese is melted.

      • want to get crazy? add toppings. Or garlic salt. It’s your world.

I know, that’s ridiculously easy. Isn’t every pizza easy to make?

This isn’t new news… it’s just worthy of telling you, because it’s tasty and I love pizza enough to talk about it all the time.

If you’re not into my recipe, check out Trader Joe’s naan pizza recipe here.

Shelly Jata